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Route 66 - Y2K!

Time once again for my annual road trip with dad.  Ready for the ride?  Buckle up!


Today was rather boring, mostly Interstate travel from Maryland.  Got a late start, worked half the day and didn't hit the road until 3.  We did make it as far as St. Clairsville Ohio, with a dinner stop at the Summit Diner in Somerset PA.   We took the first exit off of Interstate 70 that got us onto the National Road, Route 40.  Our day ends at the Twin Pines Motel.   The owners of this place have been here 28 years, purchasing the motel from the original builder, who constructed it 55 years ago.
The neon sign at the end of the road bit the dust a long time ago, but the "office" neon is still there.   The best part?   I've got a bed equipped with the "Siesta Massaging Bed System" - 15 minutes for a quarter!

I know, it ain't 66, but it'll do until I get there!


All's well on the road today!   We got up about 8 and hit the road around 9.   Don't forget, if you're in St. Clairsville Ohio, the Twin Pines is the only place in town for a vibrating bed!

About 11, we rolled into Columbus and got to the Pontiac GTO National Meet, held by the GTO Association of America.   For those of you that don't know, Pontiac is credited with starting the early 60s "musclecar" (small car, big motor) craze.   My dad and grandad had GTOs, and I'm the proud owner of a 1965 GTO.   So, I'm a "3rd generation" GTOer!

Anyway, there were about 400 cars there in varying degrees of shape, plus a big swap meet.   I'm happy, one of the parts I needed is $125 for a reproduction and I scored a good used one for $10!


I had originally guesstimated we'd roll out of Columbus around 5pm, but we got out by 1.   So, we did a quick detour in Indiana.   We rolled up Highway 27, which runs along the Indiana - Ohio border.   Thru one of the towns we saw a restaurant named "Sanitary Lunch" - we took them at their word and kept rolling.

Our detour led us to some friends of mine in Fairmount Indiana - the hometown of actor James Dean.   Fairmount is a very friendly place, everyone treats you like a long lost relative.

We visited Dean's old high school, the grave yard where he's buried and the James Dean Gallery, a museum in town.   

If you're looking for something to do in the fall, they have a HUGE town festival every year, with a car show of 3500-plus street rods.   A good time if you can make it!

So far, the highest gas we've seen is $1.69 in Ohio and the cheapest is $1.41 in Fairmount, oddly enough.   Gas in Indiana overall is just under $1.50 - the lowest state so far.

My wife says I must be getting older, 'cos I'm always talking about gas prices....

Tonight we're just above West Lafayette Indiana just off Interstate 65, about an hour and a half south of Chicago.   Tomorrow we'll be at Hit the Road in the AM, then we'll be "cruising 66".   This boy just can't wait!!!

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