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Pontiac GTOs have run in my family for years.  It all started with dad's '64 hardtop (4 speed, 3 deuces and not much else) that he bought new from Jack Blank Pontiac in Silver Spring, Maryland.

He had it until 1971 when someone pulled out in front of us during a road trip to West Virginia.  It was taken to a junkyard.  It may have been salvaged and still on the road.  Any West Virginia GTOers, drop me an eMail...


My grandfather, seeing Dad's '64, caught the fever and bought a used '66 hardtop from a West Virginia Congressman.  Don't know much about this car, other than dad remembering the bench seat and column automatic.  And that it was loaded.  This was in the family until my granddad passed away in 1970.  The car was then sold.  The car was later totaled too.

My uncle also had a GTO, which he bought new in 1966.  It was a hardtop and was stolen twice when he came to Maryland to visit.  After the second recovery, he traded it in for a '71 Monte Carlo at Lowe Chevrolet in Upper Marlboro Maryland.

Then came my turn.

After much looking I found a '65 hardtop project in Fredericksburg that needed much work.

  She's still coming along, I don't think it'll ever be finished.  We added much over the years.

My Goat over the years

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