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Whooo-eee, a long day today!   We rolled out of West Lafayette Indiana today, and hit the road.   Then we "Hit the Road" , stopping off at Hit the Road!  (a great "road trip store" in Chicago)

We got to Hit the Road around 11:45 and they were closed!   The sign said they opened at 11:30.   What the heck is going on?  Another repeat of everyplace being closed like last year's trip?!!?

   Well, dad and I had lunch across the street.   We finished up around 1 - still not open.   Ah well, I stuck a mailing list card in the door and spoke a few minutes with a lady from Boston who was waiting as well.  

I was literally putting the key in the door of the car when I hear "Greg!   Greg!" I look back, and the lady from Boston is waving me back.   Annice didn't get a book order for a signing this weekend and had to run out to pick it up - if I didn't take the minute to speak with the Boston lady I'd have missed this great store!

Trust me, it was worth the wait.   Hit the Road is in a very nice, trendy part of town.   The shop is set up beautifully and they are LOADED with Travel Books.   I got my first look at the new Qunita Scott book, and it's a winner.   (If I got any $$ after this trip, I'll pick one up!)

Maureen was off (sorry I missed ya!) but Dad and I had a nice chat with Annice, I picked up the Illinois tourbook and we were off.

This country boy just ain't used to big city traffic.   NOT my cup of tea.   After running the route out of the heart of Chicago, I thought that 66 has lost a good part of it's "flavor" along this part of the road.   But, it's a stretch I have never done, and now I can say I've seen the old road from start to finish!

For those of you that are driving Illinois soon, the bridge is out by Lexington.   You'll see some "road closed" signs, advising roadies to "take alternate routes" but the routes are not identified!   Surprising, because I found Illinois 66 exceptionally well signed so far.   Anyway, when you first see the sign, a service road to I 55 is immediately to your right.   Take the Interstate, one exit down and a right at the light and you're back on track!

We ended up in Funk's Grove around 7 - three hours after closing!   I literally ran out of sirup last week - gotta remember to order some on my way back.

I was looking forward to getting to Springfield, treating Dad to a Cozy Dog.   We got there at 8:20 - twenty minutes after closing!   I was sure we'd miss that too...until I looked at the hours posted on the door - they're open from 8 to 8!   Cozy Dogs for breakfast?!?  Hmm....

We tried to get a place in Springfield, but most were booked.   We headed back to Lincoln.   We found three motels in Lincoln, all well-off the Interstate and still doing business!   We're at the Lincoln Country Inn.   A bit worn, but clean, and only $35!

Tomorrow it's a "Cozy Dog Breakfast" then we will hopefully get to the car show that is scheduled in Rolla, maybe spend the night at the Wagon Wheel tomorrow night.   We'll see!

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